Give Your Friends the Bird

So you’re probably thinking what the heck is this about. Most people wouldn’t generally give their friends the bird but in this case you may be doing them a favor. “Why, you say”? Because it could someday save their life. And it all starts with a little birdy named Homer.

The story begins on our quest to bring identity to the Mobile Preppers Community and a little yellow bird that was oh-so-different.

I decided to look for a logo for the Mobile Preppers Community that would have some type of meaning. I looked through lots of artwork and this stupid silly bird kept showing up with all the traditional looking logos. And he stood out big time. I had several logos picked out and they all seemed to go with the prepper theme but were just blah and predictable. After seeing the bird several times it started to grow on me so I saved him in with the others I had chosen not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it.

I decided not to say anything to Walt just to get his reaction. I showed him what I had picked out and when he came to the bird he said “what is that?”  I said “oh I just liked the silly thing, just go on and look at what else I have”. So we put some things together and I still kept going back to this stupid bird that just didn’t make any sense to me why I couldn’t just delete him from the list.

I told Walt he reminded me of a Carrier Pigeon. He liked it!  And it all seemed to come together after that. But he said it would be a homing pigeon if it carried messages. Go figure. Anyway he took me through a whole history lesson on Homing Pigeons. So Homer now has a story.

Since communication is one of the most important prepper skill you can have, and since homing pigeons are one of the oldest forms of communication, we thought this little guy would be perfect. So we decided to name him Homer, the homing pigeon

So go ahead, give your friends the bird. The Mobile Preppers Community bird that is. Share with your family and friends, as is their life depended on it, and help them to become preppers too.

Keep on prepping,


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