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Join us as we form a prepper community. A place where skills and ideas can be shared. A place for those who can relate, communicate, and work together to grow an incredible group of people. A community that can stand together and overcome any emergency or disaster.

Here is what you will find here. The sharing of prepper ideas and related skills needed to be a successful prepper. There are more ways to prep than anyone can count so let’s bring them all together here at the Mobile Preppers Community. Let’s discuss our options.

You will also see gear reviews on items that we feel are worth mentioning and that we have tested for ourselves. Shop for these and other prepper gear in our Gear Shop.

Check out our meetups to find out what we do in our local prepper group. We do some interesting things that are not always traditional but they work and we have a blast doing them.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Mobile Preppers Community look here for more information.

Prepping doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or boring. It just takes that initial step to get started and then you’re on your way.

Come join us as we continue to grow our Mobile Preppers Community and help us form the best place to go for prepper information on the internet.

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