Being Prepared at Work

Being Prepared at Work

This is a follow-up to the Mobile Preppers Community’s recent workshop on Emergency Planning for Families.  One topic that was touched on was preparedness at the workplace.

I work for an organization that plays a major role in disaster recovery.  As a result we happen to have a fairly extensive emergency plan for our facility.  This plan includes steps for preparing, responding, and recovering from emergency situations.

I’m going to focus on just one small aspect – the “Emergency Go-Kit” that is at every desk.  There are two sizes of these kits. The one at my desk is the smaller bag. As you can see from this picture, it is about the same size as my EDC pack.



When you first open the emergency pack you find a smaller nylon bag, a flashlight, and two quart-sized Ziploc type bags. The first contains a dust mask, feminine hygiene products, a pack of tissues, and a bio-hazard waste bag.  The second has two gauze strip (approximately 4″x8″), chemical hand warmer, a disposable rain poncho, a whistle, and a deck of playing cards.



The nylon bag (really just an insulated lunch bag) has a small outer pocket with a Mylar survival blanket, a small first-aid kit, and a couple plastic trash bags. Inside the bag are ten 4oz water pouches, a 17oz block of emergency rations, and two chem-lights.


The emergency plan lists additional recommended items that each employee should have with them: cash, hand sanitizer, an extra set of keys, cell phone with charger, a wrench or pliers, and local maps.  I have all those things in my EDC (plus quite a bit more – but that will be covered in a later post).

The facility emergency plan calls for all employees to carry their Emergency Go-Kit with them during the response phase of any emergency, especially those which require evacuation.  My personal plan is to transfer the items from the provided kit to my EDC if possible. If time doesn’t allow for that, I’ll just grab both bags and proceed to my assigned assembly area.

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