Disaster Movie Night – American Blackout

Disaster Movie Night – American Blackout

Our meetup group just watched the movie from National Geographic, American Blackout. It’s a docudrama about the impact of what happens when a cyber attack takes down the power grid. It showed how people dealt with no power, no water, no food and increased violence as each day went on.



We enjoyed popcorn and smores’ from the campfire and interesting conversations about the movie. The night ended up being a little bit cooler than expected, but hey we are preppers after all. Great time!

Here’s what we learned. Always have cash. You won’t be getting money from the ATM when the grid is down and businesses won’t be able to take your credit card. Always have water and food if possible. You can last a long time without food but only a short time without water. There’s  strength in numbers.

Great movie for a prepper discussion. This was our first try at a disaster movie night and it worked out great. We plan on making this a regular event.

Keep on prepping,


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