Orienteering in the Forest

Orienteering in the Forest

Our meetup group met at Prince William Forest to do some map navigation skills training. We all had our compasses and topographical maps. Well the maps the park provided. They were not all that detailed and you can guess how that turned out.

We oriented ourselves with the map. I was the only one with a lensatic compass. Let me tell you this is something you need to practice and not just read about how to do it in a book. It sounds easy in theory and should be but it can be very confusing. You don’t want this to be your out of dodge moment and you can’t figure out how to find the angle of declination on the map.

I have to tell you about my compass. I hate it! It was very hard to use and keep level. I kept lifting it to look at the map. Give me a plain old silva that you can see through to the map already.

So how did it go? Well orienteering in the forest is easy if you know how to use your compass and have a good map. We got off a little since our marks were not very precise but we were able to complete the course and had a great time.

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